Enter the electrifying arena where cryptocurrency and memes collide in a force never seen before. TRUMP SLAP – where stakes are high, memes are spicy, and revolution brews.

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Why is Trump Slapping?

In a digital landscape flooded with coins, TRUMP SLAP emerges, inspired by the larger-than-life persona of former President Donald Trump. It’s not just a name; it’s a spirit of rebellion and humor. Trump’s tweet declares war on meme coins, introducing TRUMP SLAP as the antidote to madness.

As TRUMP SLAP enters the ring, the crowd erupts. With each slap, meme coins like PEPE, SLURF, and BRETT  feel the sting. Amidst chaos and laughter emerges a message: it’s time for order in crypto.

Join us on this wild ride through TRUMP SLAP. Whether you’re a crypto veteran or here for memes, it’s time to experience the ultimate crypto smackdown. TRUMP SLAP: because sometimes, you need to slap sense into finance.

Why vote for $TRAP?

Tired of the same old memes? Choose Trump Slap ($TRAP) for a fresh take:

Break the Mold:

Trump Slap injects humor into politics, embracing memes like Pepe, Slerf, Wifhat & many others.

Cultural Relevance:

Connect with internet culture and join a movement that's both fun and impactful.

Take on the Establishment:

Trump Slap isn't beholden to special interests – it's a grassroots movement ready for change.

Unity Through Humor:

Laugh together and bridge divides with Trump Slap's lighthearted approach.

The Next Big Thing:

Say goodbye to politics as usual and welcome the meme-inspired revolution.

How To Buy


Get Some Solana

You can get some $SOL on exchanges or via Moonpay


Send It To Your Wallet

Download Phantom or use a sniper bot like Bonkbot



Go to raydium or jupiter. Paste $TRAP contract and place the transaction


Let's Slap

Thank you for supporting TRUMP SLAP

The best NFT platform of the year

The best NFT platform of the year

The best NFT platform of the year

The best NFT platform of the year

Frequently asked questions

What is the token name and ticker symbol?

Token Name: Trump Slap
Token Ticker: $TRAP

What is the total token supply?

Total Supply:

On which blockchain is the token built?

$TRAP lives on the Solana chain

Is there a specific platform used for trading the token?

Yes, the token is traded on the Jupiter or Raydium platform.

What is the contract address?